• Situated in the “Lobster capital of Canada”; Clark's Harbour, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia
  • Located in Lobster Fishing District 34; LFA 34 lands more lobsters than any other district and is accounted for over 1/3 of the lobster landings in Canada each year
  • Live lobster buyer, shipper, and wholesaler
  • Buy lobsters directly from the fishermen, eliminating middlemen
  • Offer highest quality lobsters for competitive prices 
  • Over 250,000 lbs of live lobster holding capacity
  • Able to provide lobsters year-round by storing lobsters long term and having strategic partnerships.
  • Approved by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) for Fish & Seafood export
  • Ship live lobsters worldwide and guarantees low mortality rates to overseas
  • Supports sustainable fishing in Canada